Sep 5 2020

TLR Live Online: Oh Susanna album launch Sleepy Little Sailor deluxe reissue

Friday 4th September 2020

What a show we got from Vancouver’s Suzie Ungerleider aka Oh Susanna on Friday night, it was nothing short of astonishing in its intensity and delivery. Playing the whole album in track order as her first set, she was just mesmerising and the stories behind some of the songs gave us great insight into the creative process behind her songwriting. If you’re not familiar with Oh Susanna, you should be. Although we’ve had the original CD since its release almost 20 years ago, we’ll be rushing out for the double white vinyl!

Set list by Keith Belcher, comments by Keith Belcher and Andrew Hawkey

‘Not familiar with her material but Wow, I am suitably impressed, that was really excellent in terms of voice, sparse guitar, sound, video and most importantly the delivery. With due deference to other artists she really delivered the closest I have felt to a live show of any of the numerous streams I have watched so far. She used the camera and microphone as an audience, talked to both, gestured and  laughed at both, teased  and used them  so well  it felt like you were in the room with her and vice versa. Excellent, really excellent…. and what a beautiful , open smile and nature. I will be buying the album soon and checking the rest of her catalogue.’ – Keith Belcher

‘………..I watched the whole of Suzie’s gig, and it was just marvellous. TLR excelled itself! She’s really grown into a fully evolved artist – she has properly arrived. I’d forgotten how good the songs are … just pulled out the CD, it’s at the top of the weekend listening pile! I hope the reissue campaign is prominent enough to boost her standing. Her guitar playing is remarkable too, I think – it’s an essay in stripped-down unfussiness, and it’s always secondary to the amazing voice … sometimes it’s barely audible, which somehow makes the performance all the more arresting. Anyway, I thought she was just brilliant, and I can’t imagine anyone not being gripped by the whole evening. Brought back warm memories of the Talbot, and driving Suzie to Carmarthen to catch the London train!’ – Andrew Hawkey

Set List

Oh Susanna (Vancouver, CAN)
(Suzanne Elizabeth Ungerleider)
Sleepy Little Sailor De Luxe Album Re-Release Launch
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
4th September 2020


Set 1 (Sleepy Little Sailor Album in track order)
Sleepy Little Sailor
River Blue
I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Otis Redding)
Kings Road
All That Remains
Beauty Boy
Forever At Your Feet
Ted’s So Wasted
St. Patrick’s Day
Ride On


Set 2
My Boyfriend
You Win Again (Hank Williams)

CLOSURE & Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman Preview

Sep 3 2020

TLR Live Online: Plumhall ‘The Ghost of Noise’ album launch

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Fantastic to be back in the club again! And a wonderful show from Plumhall to get things moving, no audience but the few of us there made some noise!

Plumhall (UK)
Michelle Plum & Nick B Hall
The Ghost Of Noise Album Launch
The Live Room, Saltaire (live on stage, audience of 6 – Ron/Hilary/Mark Lewis & Thomas Dibb of Roots Live, and Rob & Molly from BCB Radio

2nd September 2020


Set 1
Cruel Adventurers
South To Glory
A Darkness That Won’t Leave The House
Exit From The Light
Hitch Hikin’ (Bruce Springsteen)
The Ghost Of Noise

Q/A Interview with Ron/Hilary/Michelle & Nick

Set 2
City Starlings
A Year Ago Today
Fire Next Time
Strange Driftwood
Killing The Blues (Rowland Salley)
Never Forget My Name
Closing Down


Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Rob & Molly from BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup

Aug 30 2020

TLR Live Online: Hannah Scott & Findlay Napier

Friday 28th August 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Hannah Scott & Findlay Napier (UK)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
28th August 2020


Set 1
Hurricanes (H)
Clouds (F)
No Gravity (H)
The Locano, Sauchiehall Street, 1928 (F)
98 (H & cat)
Unnamable Radio (F)
Skimming Stones (H)
Mayfly/Tell Them (?) (F)

Q/A Interview with Ron/Hilary/Hannah & Findlay

Set 2
California (F)
Shape (H)
Young Goths In The Necropolis (F)
All The Children (H)
Hedy Lamarr (F)
Hallelu (H)
After The Last Bell Rings (F)
Untangling (H)

H – Hannah
F – Findlay


Aug 22 2020

TLR Live Online: Martyn Joseph

Friday 21st August 2020

Set list by Keith belcher

Martyn Joseph (UK)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
21st August 2020


Set 1
12 (12String Guitar Instrumental-was still unnamed late 2019?, when asked then he referred to it as 12 )
Here Come The Young
Every Little Sign
This Glass
Oh My Soul
Cardiff Bay
Please Sir
Driving Her Back To London
On My Way


Set 2
Gift To Me
When We Get Through This
One Step Up (Bruce Springsteen)
I Felt So Much?
Change Your World
Nye: Song For The NHS
Let Yourself


Aug 15 2020

TLR Live Online: Sam Carter

Friday 14th August 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Aug 11 2020

TLR Live Online: 9Bach (WAL)

Friday 7th August 2020

Fantastic show with 9Bach, with multiple cameras, live looping and even a band member joining in from London!

9Bach (WAL) 

Virtual Stage at The Live Room, Saltaire 

7TH August 2020 

Intro – Ron 

Set 1 
Si Hwi Hwi 
Yr Olaf 

*** Interview with Ron – Mir and Lisa 

Set 2 
Llyn Du 
Wedi Torri 
Asteri Mou 
Pa Bryd 


Aug 3 2020

TLR Live Online: Harrow Fair (CAN)

Friday 31st July 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Harrow Fair (Canada)
From Curries Music & Antiques, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire


Set 1
Intro Ron & Hilary
Sins We Made
Told A Lie To My Heart
I Will Be Your Man
Held Tight/Been There Ways
Song Intro & Chat
I Just Wanna
Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
When The Levee Breaks (Memphis Minnie)

Chat & Questions – Ron/Hilary/Miranda & Andrew

Set 2
Seat At The Table
(Oh) Shenandoah
Long Hot Summer Day (John Hartford)
Call To Arms
Farewell Thanks
Bite The Way
9 Bach Promo (Llyn Du)

Jul 25 2020

TLR Live Online: David Berkeley (USA)

Friday 24th July 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

David Berkeley (Santa Fe, US)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
24th July 2020


Set 1
The Blood And The Wine
Wait For The Rain
Setting Sail
Lost In Madrid
The Line Between
The Hedges Are High
Jefferson/A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Part) (Dylan)


Set 2
The Faded Red And Blue
When The World Sits Still
Cobbler’s Hill
Wolves In The Wings
Willis Avenue Bridge
The Lion’s Paw
This Be Dear To Me


Jul 18 2020

TLR Live Online:The Little Unsaid

Friday 17th July 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

The Little Unsaid (John Elliott solo ) (UK)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
17th July 2020


Set 1
Imagined Hymn
Melt Down The Moon
Blood Line (New Song)
Some Miracle (New Song)


Set 2
Second Circle
Half Alive (New Song)
Bug In Amber (New Song)
This Door Is A Door (New Song)
To My Lordless Sons
Day Is Golden


Jul 11 2020

TLR Live Online: Zoe & Cloyd (USA)

Friday 10th July 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Zoe And Cloyd (US)
(Fiddler and vocalist Natalya Zoe Weinstein and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist John Cloyd Miller)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
10th July 2020


Set 1
Underground Railway
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Goodbye Girl
Rising Waters
Hoffman’s Hora/David’s Frailach (klezmer instrumentals)
The Past Keeps Getting In The Way
Running On Empty


Set 2
Zisa Meydele
The Mean Old Rambling Blues(LOSS OF INTERNET)
Where Do You Stand?
The Old Country Baptizing
Lazy Man Blues
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (Acapela)
Paper Crowns
The Only Game In Town


Little Unsaid Video