Jun 14 2020

Streaming during lockdown

As you know, in common with all music venues, we are currently closed, with no indication of when we will be able to reopen.

However, this does not mean that we are inactive. We are still operating, albeit in a ‘virtual’ environment, presenting a weekly programme of streamed live shows from artist’s homes. All ticket money is split between the artists and The Live Room, which is helping both to stay afloat while the entire industry is in lockdown. We are very grateful for your support during this incredibly difficult and worrying time.

We know that not all of you have the necessary or best equipment for accessing these live streams, so apologies if you can’t get them. If you can access them but are having difficulties, below you’ll find some tips for getting the best results.

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser
  • Clear your cache – if you don’t know how to, just Google how to clear my cache in [whichever browser you are using] 
  • Check your broadband speed – this can be done by going to, or there are a number of others. You do not need very high download speeds, but you do need a solid connection so the next two points are important
  • Wifi should be fine for watching streams, but if your wifi is not great and there are a number of other devices connected to it, turn them off if possible 
  • If you connection is still not good , if possible, connect directly to one of your router ethernet ports, using a CAT 5 or above network cable Male RJ45/Male RJ45. If you haven’t got one, you can buy one of varying lengths online pretty cheaply 
  • When you get to the stream page, you can select the full screen option in the bottom right hand corner of the stream window

Casting to your smart TV via cable

  • When watching on your pc or laptop, your listening experience will be enhanced by having some speakers attached. It may also be possible to stream on your smart TV using an HDMI cable. For Windows, read this article to enable this method. For Apple devices, read this

Casting wirelessly

  • You may also be able to connect your laptop, tablet or even mobile phone to your TV wirelessly.
  • For Windows devices, use the TV remote and select the source to Screen mirroring. It will show a screen with the TV name. On the laptop, press the Windows button and type in ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Connected devices’ and click on the ‘Add device’ option at the top. The drop down menu will list all the devices you can mirror to. Select your TV and the laptop screen will start mirroring to the TV. The TV name also gets saved in the connected devices list, so connecting the laptop to the TV in the future is easy.
  • For Apple devices, watch this YouTube video

Jul 4 2020

TLR Live Online: Elles Bailey

Friday 3rd July 2020

Photo by Gillian Harrison, set list by Keith Belcher

Fantastic show by Elles Bailey last night, accompanied by Joe Wilkes on some scintillating guitar. A sheer joy!

Elles Bailey with Joe Wilkins (UK)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
3rd July 2020


Set 1
Walk On Water
Little Piece Of Heaven
Walk Away
Perfect Storm
Road I Call Home


Set 2
Wild Wild West
Help Somebody
Halfway House
Miss Me When I’m Gone
Howlin’ Wolf
Medicine Man


Jun 20 2020

TLR Live Online: Martin Harley

Friday 19th June 8pm

Set list by Keith Belcher

Absolute blinder of a set from Martin, as ever. Great songs, great playing great voice. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and gave us our biggest crowd so far. Sorry if we didn’t get to your questions, but Martin had a few technical issues during the interview, so we let him get back to the music, which was sublime. See you all again!

Martin Harley (UK, HERTS)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
19th June 2020


Set 1
Automatic Life
One For The Road
Summer Shadows
Roll With The Punches (soon to be released digitally)
Dancing On The Rocks
Cowboy in Hawaii (world exclusive)


Set 2
One Horse Town
Winter Coat
Feet Don’t Fail Me
Cardboard King
Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits)
Goodnight Irene
Can’t Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters)
Love In The Afternoon
It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson)


Jun 13 2020

TLR Live Online: Mark Erelli

Friday 12th June 8pm

Set list by Keith Belcher

Thanks to Mark for a fabulous streamed performance from his home in Massachusetts. A wonderful singer, songwriter and musician, we’ve had great feedback from our audience and we’ll definitely bring him along to TLR once we get the other side of this pandemic. Thank you to everyone who tuned in from home and abroad!

Mark Erelli (USA)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
12th June 2020


Set 1
A Little Kindness
The River Always Wins
River Road
Stranger’s Eyes


Set 2
Kingdom Come
Rose-Colored Rearview
By Degrees
Her Town Now
Ophelia (The Band)

Jun 10 2020

TLR Live Online: Curtis Eller

Friday 5th June 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Curtis Eller (USA)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
5th June 2020


Set 1
After The Soil Fails
Last Flight Of The Pigeon Club
Old Time Religion
The Heart That Forgave Richard Nixon
Busby Berkeley Funeral

CHAT & QUESTIONS RON/ HILARY/ CURTIS including a version of God Damn That Bird

Set 2
Waist Deep In The Big Muddy (Pete Seeger)
Sugar For The Horses
When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along (Harry M Woods -Sung by Al Jolson)
After The Riot
Save Me Joe Louis
Sugar In My Coffin
Buster Keaton


May 31 2020

TLR Live Online: Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

Friday 29th May 202 8pm

Set list by Keith Belcher

Some great songs, clawhammer banjo, step dance and body percussion from this Oakland, California-based couple. Wonderful entertainment and some great insight into what drives and inspires them. It’s a difficult time in the USA at the moment but they are still looking for the good in the hearts of their fellow citizens.

Evie Ladin & Keith Terry (USA)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
29th May 2020

About the current situation: “I Think Its Only Less Stress If You’ve Got A Roof Over Your Head And Food In Your Larder” (comment made by Evie after Let Me Lay Down)

Set 1
Dance All Night & Give The Fiddler A Dram
Jump Up & Go
Under The Waterline
News Cyclone
In The Shadow Of The Pines (Carter Family)
Have It All
Jump The Fire
Mistreated Mama/Yew Piney Mountain (Doc Boggs)


Set 2
The Storm (Lotus Dickie) Evie Solo
Dime Store Glasses/Body Music & Dancing
Slip Sliding Away (Paul Simon)
Gone Again/Trad Rascal Songs
Lonesome John (John Salyer)
Precious Days
Let Me Lay Down
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl)
Ease On Down
People Are You Ready


May 24 2020

TLR Live Online: Nels Andrews

Saturday 23rd May 8pm

Set list by Keith Belcher

Another great live set from across the Atlantic, this time all the way from near the Pacific coast in the San Lorenzo Valley from Lille Aeske Arthouse. An evening of superb songs and great performance from Nels Andrews.

Nels Andrews (USA)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
23rd May 2020

Set 1
New Song, not named possibly Tomorrows In The Tall Grass (?) (Sci Fi Love Song)
Memory Compass
Embassy To The Airport
Pigeon & The Crow
Three Hermits
Holy Water


Set 2
Dollar & The Dream
Table By The Kitchen
Small Victories
Smaller Scale (A.J. Roach)
Jesse’s Mom

May 17 2020

TLR Live Online: Hamilton Loomis

Friday 15th May 2020 8pm

Set list by Keith Belcher

Hamilton Loomis (USA)
“One Of The Best Evenings I’ve Spent In Front Of The Computer”
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
15th May 2020


Set 1
This Season
Workin’ Real Hard
Looking Into A Dream
A Woman Like You
Keep A-Knockin’ (But You Can’t Come In) (Little Richard)
Motor Head Baby (Johnny “Guitar” Watson)
When You Get Back (John Cleary)
Sugar Baby


Set 2
Give It Back
What It Is
Bow Wow
Stuck In A Rut
Thinking Of You
Before You Accuse me (Take A Look At Yourself) (Bo Diddley)


May 13 2020

TLR Live Online: Charm of Finches

plus Young Werther

Friday 8th May 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Charm of Finches (AUSTRALIA) (Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes)
& Young Werther (Mick Young) (AUSTRALIA now DEVON)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
8th May 2020


Come On Back Here
Cornish Green
All The News Is Fake
Boa Constrictor


Set 1
Fish In The Sea
In The Gloaming
Fossil In Stone
New Song – Untitled as yet
Paint Me A Picture


Set 2
Sky Watching
Where The Ducks Go
Slip Like Water
Her Quiet Footsteps
Your Company
The Bridge


May 2 2020

TLR Live Online: The Honey Dewdrops

TLR Live Online

Friday 1st May 2020

Set list collected by Keith Belcher, photo by Gillian Harrison from her TV!

Virtual Show
1 May 2020

Set 1

  1. Same Old
  2. More Than You Should Say
  3. Hold Love
  4. Hills Of My Home
  5. The Bluegrass Special (Bill Monroe)
  6. Loneliest Songs
  7. Ramblin’ Man (Hank Williams)


Set 2

  1. Silver Linings
  2. Wildwood Flower
  3. For One More
  4. Long Monday (John Prine)
  5. Going Rate
  6. Horses
  7. Catawba (instrumental)
  8. One Kind Word/Gentle On My Mind (Glen Cambell)