Jul 21 2021

Covid Restrictions and TLR

We, along with many other people involved in live events, are thrilled that we can once again hold shows without restrictions, it has been a desperately hard year and a half and there were times when we feared for our future. However, the virus has not gone away and will continue to present a threat to health, so with the dropping of all restrictions comes responsibility. The government has effectively handed that responsibility to us and we have to recognise that, while there are many people who can’t wait to get back to normal, there are many that are doubtful and even fearful. So, we are going to take things a little more gradually.

As we stated in a previous newsletter, we are going to continue with limits on capacity for the remaining two shows of our summer, on 30th July and 20th August, which will enable many more people to get double vaccinated, reducing the chance of transmission. We are also asking people to observe some simple mitigation measures to show consideration to other gig goers and club staff just for the time being.

Six ways to enjoy a safe visit to The Live Room at Caroline Street Social Club…

1. Under no circumstances, if you are showing any Covid symptoms should you be even thinking of going to a show, similarly if you believe you have been in close contact with someone with Covid. If you are suffering from Covid symptoms or fear you may be an infection risk and therefore shouldn’t attend, we will offer you a refund or exchange on your ticket.

2. Before coming to one of our events, we recommend that you do everything you can to make sure that you personally are not infectious. You can do this by:
-Getting vaccinated
-Taking a lateral flow test
To be clear, we don’t believe that we should operate a policy of excluding you from our venue because you haven’t done those things and we will not be operating a certification or passport model to enter our shows. There are lots of reasons for this, not least the large numbers of people who have not had the opportunity for both vaccines and vulnerable people who cannot be vaccinated. But you, personally, can make sure you aren’t adding to anyone’s risk by keeping your record of immunity up to date, getting vaccinated when you are able and/or taking a free lateral flow test before you come.

3. We are going to continue to wear masks when we are moving about during our events. We also encourage our audience to continue to wear a mask on entry and when moving around if you are able to do so, however we will not be enforcing this or making it a term of entry. We know that wearing a mask is not a pleasant experience and we hate wearing them ourselves, but the scientific evidence shows that masks work to help stop transmission, so please try to be considerate of others.

4. Anyone who has visited us since we got up and running again, knows that we have been cleaning and sanitising all contact surfaces between performances and we will continue to do this. Sanitising units remain around the building, and we ask you to please play your part in keeping the building clean from contact risk by regularly washing your hands and using the sanitiser.

5. We will be keeping doors open before, after and between performances to enable the air in the room to circulate and we will also be opening doors at the end of performances to minimise any queueing to leave. We will encourage people to leave in as orderly a manner as possible.

6. Screens will remain at the customer contact areas, to help protect staff as the club moves back to bar service. We strongly encourage you to use contactless/cards if you are able to do so and limit cash payments as much as possible. Again, we won’t be enforcing this, but would like to keep as few contacts as we can.

7. The club has installed Virus Killer (TM) technology to both purify the air and deactivate any viruses and pathogens in the concert room

Finally, please remember other people may hold different views to you so please be kind to one another. We hope you will support us and the club in our efforts to run safe and enjoyable events.