Oct 9 2017

Leveret, Friday 6th October 2017

There was a knock on the Live Room door during sound check for Leveret on Friday 6 October. A day tripper to Saltaire waiting for his coach home was so enchanted by the sound escaping the room he enquired who was playing and bought 2 CDs. He was very disappointed he had to go home and miss the show.

That gave an indication of the quality of the music created both during the sound check and the show proper by all-instrumental trio Leveret, comprising Andy Cutting, Rob Harbron and Sam Sweeney.

This was Leveret’s Live Room debut. They all knew the Live Room from previous appearances in other line ups. A great show , hugely enjoyed by a very rapt and attentive audience. It’s hardly any surprise their new CD ‘Inventions’ and current tour are getting such rave reviews in the National Press.

Review and photos by Keith Belcher