TLR Inside Out 2024: Saturday

Sat 21st September 2024

The first day of our FREE weekend stage out in the Caroline Social Club covered secret garden, featuring bands and artists from throughout Yorkshire and beyond, a DJ and real ale bar! Our DJ kicks off at midday and the live music runs through from 2 to 7pm. Entry to the beer garden is free but space is limited.

DJ Pop-Up!

DJs from midday playing laid back grooves and festival vibes!

2pm: Isabel Maria

Isabel Maria’s quietly passionate and painfully articulate words have already entranced thousands across the globe. The Sunderland based singer-songwriter pens witty indie folk-pop ballads which capture the broad, winding themes of mental health, human relationships, and social injustices. At just 17, Isabel possesses the coveted 2024 Alan Hull Award.

‘Isabel’s songwriting prowess is evident.’ - Conversations About Her

‘Isabel Maria has arrived fully formed.’ - The Crack

‘Lyrically beautiful with enchanting melodies.’ - North East Lifestyle

3.15pm: Hebble

Hebble are an eclectic world folk band with an unusual set of instruments that play lively, international traditional music in multiple languages. Hebble are Greek Bouzouki, Bodhran, and Cello + 3 vocals. We play English, Czech, Polish, Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian folk music. We also have a handful of original songs inspired by Yorkshire myth and landscape. Upbeat and alternative with twists of jazz, and plenty of three-part harmonies.

'A great trio. Wonderful harmony singing. Virtuosic instrumental music underpinned by top percussion. A must to see and hear.' - TOM MCCONVILLE, BBC folk musician of the year

4.30pm: HerOrangeCoat

HerOrangeCoat is an up-and-coming British singer-songwriter, specialising in sadness. After an initial flirtation with a heavily pop-inspired sound, the purchase of a ukulele radically changed the trajectory of her music, burying her deep into the emotional depths of acoustic melancholy. Her music is delicate yet rich, multi-layered and yet stripped back. Her lyrics often combine the short, shallow phrases written in her youth with the lived experience she has since acquired. Her coat is orange.

With her mellow sound, HerOrangeCoat borders indie-folk, but draws from a vast pool of musical influences. The ukulele is central to her music, the base upon which rich tapestries of harmony are built.

5.45pm: The Bondurants

Hailing from the vibrant city of Leeds, The Bondurants are a band that defies convention and redefines the alt-country genre. Their music draws from a melting pot of influences, echoing the likes of Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and John Mayer. Yet, what truly sets them apart is their ability to infuse Heartland American rock with a distinctly British twist, creating a sound that's both modern and nostalgically timeless.