Mar 25 2018

Son Of Town Hall, Sunday 11th March 2018

Sunday 11th March 2018, The Live Room, Saltaire. The first visit to the Saltaire shores by Son of Town Hall. Son of Town Hall being the union of Santa Fe’s David Berkeley and London’s Ben Parker. Both very sought after and extremely talented musicians.

Named after the recycled junk raft built by Poppa Neutrino which crossed the Atlantic in 1998, David and Ben have cast themselves in Victorian period costumes telling tales of their seafaring lives in bygone times. Many reviews compare them to Simon and Garfunkel lost at sea. I heard more similarities to The Milk Carton Kids, possibly because of the sense of humour and storytelling they brought to their show.

Besides the powerful and versatile voices and excellent guitar work they combined with effortless divine harmonies which equal those of S&G and The Milk Carton Kids. Their superbly crafted songs lean towards storytelling and feature many sing-along’s. All done with a sense of theatre.

It’s rare these days to have acts with walk on music (both sets) and a planned exit from the theatre. Their dry goods store (merch desk) so far contains only one 4 track CD EP and a vinyl 7 inch , we won’t mention the overpriced potatoes and ginger. An entire album is planned for later in the year and hopefully another tour. Judging by the rapid sales of merch they would be very welcome back.