Feb 24 2023

Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira with Miguel Girão

Friday 17th February 2023

Photos & video by Keith Belcher, words by Keith Belcher & Mike Latham

Friday 17th February 2023, The Live Room, Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire. Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira accompanied by Miguel Girão. I knew we were in for a treat after the sound check which was utterly delightful and a pleasure to my tired old ears. The actual show was even better.. I’m going to unashamedly steal the text (see below) to a post by [Mike Latham] about Friday’s act.
“Another great debut at The Live Room in Saltaire. Two consummate musicians, Jocelyn Pettit from BC in Canada and Ellen Gira from near DC in the US held the audience spellbound on their first appearance at the venue.”

Video by Keith Belcher

The Fleur Rells and Across The Western Ocean