May 28 2024

Katherine Priddy

plus support George Boomsma

Thursday 16th May 2024

Photos Richard Leach, videos by Cloddyclips, review Mike Latham


The support slot from George Boomsma set the scene for another great show. Both sets, the one from George and the main event from Katherine treated us to amazing voices and wonderful musicianship. 

George used voice and guitar, not to forget the whistling, to show us another outstanding young musician. It all sounded so simple but his words and playing showed a maturity that was a pleasure to watch.

I only know Katherine from her first album but her performance also confirmed the maturity of a lot of young musicians who are travelling round sharing their art with ever increasing audiences.

Though there were only three musicians on stage (Harry Fausing Smith on violin, mandolin and vocals, joining Katherine and George) the sound they created was subtle, entrancing and a joy to listen to. Again, we witnessed a wonderful combination of voices which meshed together to create a gentle sound which drew the listener in to wonderful observations on life and relationships.

Long may we continue to witness these wonderful events that promoters like Ron and Hilary create for our delectation in the small venues that exist throughout this land.

Videos by Cloddyclips

George Boomsma: Lily of the Nile

Katherine Priddy: Letters From A Travelling Man

Katherine Priddy: First House On The Left