Feb 26 2018

The Railsplitters, Friday 16th February 2018

The return of Colorado’s Railsplitters after three years was a complete triumph, with 170 crowding in to see them. A truly unique addition to the bluegrass genre, they bend the music in many different directions, with pop, rock and even jazz influences in their playing, particularly that of fiddle player, Joe D’Esposito and banjo picker Dusty Rider.

Add to those ingredients the sweet soul vocals of Lauren Stovall, the blues inflected mandolin of Peter Sharp and the rhythmic and melodic bass of newest member, Jean Luc Davis, and you have something completely irresistible. We has several of the crowd telling us it was the best thing they’d ever seen at TLR on their way out, clutching CDs. We should also mention their impeccable harmonies, with the whole sounding so much bigger than the sum of the parts. A brilliant band!

Thanks to Keith Belcher for the photos!