Jan 10 2021

TLR Live Online: AJ Lee & Blue Summit

Friday 8th January 2021

Set List by Keith Belcher

A J Lee & Blue Summit (US)
The AmeriCanada Online Sessions #3
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire, UK
8th January 2021

A J Lee – Main Vocal, Mandolin, Guitar
Jesse Fichman – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Sullivan Tuttle -Guitar, Vocals
Chad Bowen – Bass, Vocals
Jan Purat – Fiddle, Vocals


Set 1
Not Gonna Cry Over You
Tear My Stillhouse Down (Gillian Welch)
From A Buick 6 (Bob Dylan)
Arkansas (Damon Black)
Monongah Mine
Workin’ Man Blues (Merle Haggard)
Bumming Around (Jimmy Dean)
Put Your Head Down


Set 2
Lemons And Tangerines
Something Special
Sweet Sue (Victor Young & Will J Harris)
I’ll Come Back
Rodney Dangerfield (instrumental)
When You Change Your Mind