Apr 27 2020

TLR Live Online Debut

Well, we’ve been debriefing and working hard since the first show on Friday and thank you for all your really constructive and detailed feedback.As the first viewers for our TLR Live Online gigs, we thought we owed you some feedback of our own. The general consensus was that it worked really well and you enjoyed it. However, as we knew there would be, there were some technical issues, so I’ve listed these below, what we have done and can do about them. In no particular order:

  1. Full screen access – this was one that came up quite a lot and must have been annoying, especially for those of you casting to a large screen smart TV. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve found the problem, or rather the guys at Zidivo, who are hosting it to our website did, and we’ve now changed the code and had a few people who had the problem to test it on the recording of the show now on our website, and it works! Hooray! Give it a go yourself if you haven’t already.
  1. Login problems –  a few seemed to have issues here, which could have been in part down to us starting a little late (see point 3 for the reasons why). When you follow the link – which you can do at any time after it comes through – you’ll get a page with the gig title and some text and a black page. Some of you may have the login boxes to fill in, but for some reason, some may not. Don’t worry, this may be because your browser may have ‘remembered’ you, the stream will start. Around ten minutes before the show is to start, the stream window will appear with a picture of the TLR stage and a banner telling you the show will begin shortly, just be patient and it will appear. You can then hit the full screen icon.
  1. Volume disparity & audio to video latency – the reason we were a little late starting was that we had a real panic just before going to air when we discovered that Luke’s set up would not work in our studio environment, so we had to rely on the fall back, which was just him doing the whole show just via his laptop camera and mic. Big lesson learned: when you think you’ve tested, test again anyway. In the end it went pretty well, largely down to Luke’s ability and his stage presence. However, it meant that we didn’t have time to check our relative microphone balances. It would also have had an affect on the synchronicity between voice and vision, although some of that can also rest with the viewer’s set up. However, we will remedy the volume balance for the next shows and we also hope that we can reduce the latency by getting artists wherever possible to wire straight to the router with an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable direct to router will also help viewers with a smoother and more solid connection too. They’re not expensive and, as we’re likely to be streamers for several months, it may well pay to at least consider it, especially if several other wifi devices are active in your household. Or alternatively, switch all the others off. 
  1. Vodaphone broadband blocking  – this was a problem for a few people. One of our viewers managed to solve it in a few minutes by signing in to his Vodaphone account and he gave us these instructions (thanks Tim Bleazard):

          ‘When I went onto the link using Google Chrome on my Chromebook the video was a grey rectangle with a message saying my.zidivo was unavailable. I decided to try      and open in a new tab to see if there was an issue with the site and it showed a Vodafone blocking page. I went to the vodafone web site and logged in . I scrolled down to the Broadband section and clicked on Manage MY Controls. I clicked on Manage Content Control Profile. I had my settings set to Safe and changed it to Off.’

We hope all the above helps because we really want and need this to work for all of us, TLR, musicians and especially the fans without whom none of us would be here. Many thanks once again for all your support and hope that you’ll join us online again in the coming weeks.

Very best wishes and keep yourselves and loved ones safe

Ron & Hilary x

Apr 25 2020

TLR Live Online: Luke Jackson

Friday 24th April 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Luke Jackson
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
24th April 2020


Set 1
Forever Young (B.Dylan)
Is It Me
Leather Cross
Trouble New
Cherry Picker
Bakers Woods


Set 2
Red Oak
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (R.Thompson)
Curse The Day
I’m Not OK With This
Cry To Me
Every Flame


Apr 19 2020

TLR Live Online

Tech Tips For Viwers

We want everyone to enjoy the experience of the live streamed shows, although we understand it isn’t all a level playing field; different people will have different equipment. So here are a few tips that may help. This is a new world for everyone, including us, so we’re open to other tips too!

  • Clear your cache – if you don’t know how to, just Google how to clear my cache in [whichever browser you are using]
  • Check your broadband speed – this can be done by going to, or there are a number of others
  • Wifi should be fine for watching streams, but If your wifi is not great and there are a number of other devices connected to it, turn them off if possible
  • If you connection is still not good , if possible, connect directly to one of your router ethernet ports, using a CAT 5 or above network cable Male RJ45/Male RJ45. If you haven’t got one, you can buy one online pretty cheaply
  • When you get to the stream page, you can select the full screen option in the bottom right hand corner of the stream window
  • When watching on your pc or laptop, your listening experience will be enhanced by having some speakers attached. It may also be possible to stream on your smart TV using an HDMI cable if your laptop and TV have the HDMI connectors
Mar 18 2020

Bronwynne Brent

Sunday 15th March 2020

Photos by Keith Belcher

Regrettably, this will be our final show for the foreseeable future, as the current health crisis means it is no longer possible to continue. But what a great show it was to finish on; Bronwynne was as quirky and as brilliant as ever and left everyone with huge smiles on their faces. It turned out to be the final date of her tour, as the rest were cancelled, which we’re sure will have been a huge blow to her too.

We are working hard to keep our spirits up during this difficult time and will be doing our absolute best to ensure that TLR will maintain a presence and be ready to roll once this crisis is over. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, all take care of each other, stay safe and thank you to each and every one of you.

Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Rob and Molly from BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup

Mar 12 2020

Chris Wood

Sunday 8th March 2020

Photos by Keith Belcher

On his fourth visit to The Live Room, Chris was as brilliant, rude, funny and irreverent as ever. With a clutch of new songs (watch out for a new record once he gets his new studio built!) and some of his old favourites, the sell out crowd were treated to a show by an absolute master. Also in the crowd were two artists we’ve been honoured to host here at TLR in the past, Greg Russell and Katie Spencer (watch out for her on 3rd April), who both adore Chris and his music. There are not many artists who can open a show with something as powerful as ‘Hollow Point’ and quickly follow it with a both humorous and moving song about a jaded Superman contemplating retirement!

Wonderful guitar work and that unique, warm, intimate voice combine to take you into the songs so you feel part of the story. A great show and many thanks to everyone who came along to make it a special night. Chris really does love coming to play here to an audience who fully engages with his performance.

We would also like to thank everyone who chipped in and bought raffle tickets to raise money for Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank. The evening raised £230.68 and our friend and BMFB organiser, Graham Walker, would also like to thank the crowd for their generosity.

Mar 9 2020


Friday 28th February 2020

Photos by Keith Belcher

A superb evening from this trio of fantastic musicians: Oliver Wilson-Dickson: Fiddle and vocals Dylan Fowler: Guitar and vocals Jamie Smith: Accordion and vocals

Feb 17 2020

McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle

Sunday 16th February 2020

Photos by Keith Belcher

A truly wonderful show by three of the finest musicians on the planet. Fresh off of not only the Celtic Connections tour but also , in the case of Mike McGoldrick and John McCusker, from a world tour with Mark Knopfler, they proved just why they are the most sought after players in the folk world.

Feb 9 2020

Folk Alliance New Orleans

View from our room on the first night!

New Orleans was a fantastic experience. A unique city with sights, sounds and flavours you couldn’t imagine in any other place on earth. Add to that the annual extravaganza that is the world’s largest gathering of the folk music community, with over 2000 attendees, almost half of whom are performing artists, giving around 4,000 individual performances over the four days, and you get an idea of just how overwhelming it can be!

Keeping track of the days, let alone the acts, shows and conversations of the event is a very difficult task. Meeting old friends, making new ones, touring showcase performances taking place in over 100 rooms over ten floors of a hotel between the hours of 4pm and 3am is great fun, but also takes some stamina! We left the annual closing party square dance, which took place in the The Blackpot & Lafayette Lousiana room, at just after 4am on the final night/morning, and the party was still in full swing with a band that included Rachel Baiman, who plays here at TLR on 31st May!

Despite the chaos and fatigue, we managed to make enough notes to gather a list of artists that we’ll be working hard to bring along to Saltaire for your enjoyment

We also spent a few days in Austin, where the pace and culture was very different. We caught up with old friend and fellow FAI attendee, Laura Thomas of Comboplate Booking, who we first met back in 2003 in Wales when she brought AJ Roach to the Talbot.

It really was a wonderful 12 days and we don’t think we could have packed any more in if we tried. We hope you enjoy the selected photos here and we’ll keep you posted as we hook in our targets!

Jan 18 2020

Mike Farris

Sunday 12th January 2020

Photos by Keith Belcher

Some sixteen months after catching him at Americanafest in Nashville and being blown away by his voice and stage presence, Mike finally made his TLR debut last Sunday and he didn’t disappoint. On only his second show with his British band of session musicians, he showed just why he has built such a reputation back in the US as one of the great white soul singers. What a voice! Not only has he got a huge range, with the power of a jet engine, he also has great sensitivity and tone.

Anyone who knows any of Mike’s history is aware that he has had his share of bad times and managed to come out the other side with his huge talent intact. He credits Julie, his wife of 25 years, with keeping him sane and supporting him throughout his years of addiction and we were so pleased that she is on the tour with him and looking after the merch table.

We’ve met many lovely people from the music community over the years of doing this, but we can honestly say that none have been lovelier, warmer and more open-hearted than Mike. He spent time with everyone he was in contact with during the evening and was a joy to be around. The soul he puts into his music is just as apparent off stage and is genuine. We’ll definitely welcome him back as he builds his following on this side of the Atlantic.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave him such a big crowd and warm welcome for his TLR debut.

Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Rob and Molly of BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup

Dec 9 2019

Richard Shindell

Friday 6th December 2019

Words and photos by Keith Belcher

Caroline Street Social Club, 6th December 2019
A very special sold out 3rd visit by master song-smith Richard Shindell brought 2019’s programme of gigs to a close. There were more than 2 hours of superbly crafted songs, musicianship and great humour, insights and rapport, it was all extremely high quality. Richard talked of a long break from touring, safe to say he would be very welcome back whenever he chooses to reappear. 2019 has been a very good year for music at The Live Room. Have a good festive break Ron and Hilary, you deserve it. Many thanks also to the wonderful Live Room audience who made it a very special night. Thanks again to Ron and Hilary for the festive treats on the night.

Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Ron and Molly of BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup