Nov 22 2020

TLR Live Online: Daoiri Farrell

Friday 20th November 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Daoirí Farrell (IRE)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
20th November 2020


Set 1
Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
Clasped To The Pig
Pat Rainey
Sweet Portadown
Via Extasia
The Unquiet Grave


Set 2
The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
Fergie McCormick
Spencer The Rover
The Blue Tar Road
The Little Drummer
If Ever You Go To Dublin Town
The Arabic
The Creggan White Hare


Nov 16 2020

TLR Live Online: The Black Feathers

Sunday 15th November 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Not quite the way we’d planned it, thanks once again to the Covid-19 crisis, but at least we got to see them play for us and we couldn’t have wished for a better return to TLR Live Online, this duo were just wonderful. We’ll be doing all we can to get them back to Saltaire in 2021.

The Black Feathers
Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler (Cirencester,Gloucs)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
15th November 2020


Set 1
Silver Lining
Down By The River
Only The Brave
Chemical Romance
Glory Box (Give Me A Reason To Love You) (Portishead)
All Came Down


Set 2
Goodbye Tomorrow
Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum) with a touch of Adams Family
The Ghosts Have Eaten Well
Holy Water
3 Stars (& a Country Song)
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)


Nov 10 2020


Friday 30th October 2020

Photo by Dan Wiebe, Set List by Keith Belcher

A fantastic evening from Phillip and Hannah, their only live show of 2020 since the Covid-19 outbreak and the last before we entered Lockdown 2.0. and the decision to call it a day for 2020. It was a great way to go out. Here’s to a better 2021!

aka Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
The Live Room, Saltaire
TLR & Roots Live
30th October 2020
Early Show (1830)

Intro – Hilary

  1. Feather
  2. Signposts
  3. Wander
  4. What We Saved From The Tide
  5. Underground Railroad
  6. Where I Stand
  7. Reverence (Dobro Tune)/Bird In A Cage
  8. Albatross
  9. Oyster
  10. The Boy That Wouldn’t Hoe Corn


Oct 27 2020

James Oliver Band

Sunday 25th October 2020

Set List by Keith Belcher

I’m A Rattlesnakin’ Daddy

American Cars

Walk Don’t Run

My Own Business

Riot In Cell Block Number 9

Sweet Little Angel

Goofin’ Around

Outside Help

Brad New Cadillac

Please Don’t Touch

Mean Little Mama

There’s A Red House Up The Rhonnda

Honey Hush

Help Me


Twenty Flight Rock

TV Mama

Don’t You Lie To Me

Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Robbie Martin from BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup

Oct 15 2020

The Rheingans Sisters

Sunday October 11th 2020

We were thrilled to welcome The Rheingans Sisters to TLR for the first time and also to hear material from their new CD ‘Receiver’, which they were launching at the show. We loved seeing the audience enjoy their sublime playing and we also know that many of you tuned in to the live stream too, which all helps both us and the musicians through this difficult time. Do spread the word about the quality of these live streams, we welcome people from across the world!

Oct 6 2020

TLR Live Online: Track Dogs

Sunday 4th October 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

We were very disappointed that we couldn’t get the band here for their planned show, but they delivered a sparkling live show all the way from Madrid. Great sound and camera work made us feel like we were right there in the room with them! We look forward to seeing them here in person once again as soon as we can.

Track Dogs (Madrid)
(Garrett Wall, Dave Mooney, Howard Brown & Robbie. K Jones)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
4th October 2020


Set 1
La Banda
On The Last Night
Only Human
Find Me A Rose
The Deep End
The Ballad Of 416
Dragonfly’s Castle
Dead To Rights


Set 2
Mynah Bird
Broken Strings
Don’t Delay
This Old Heart (Skeets McDonald)
Gonna Get My Way
My Big Payday
Move A Mountain
I Don’t Wanna Ruin It


Sep 30 2020

TLR Returns!

Peter Bruntnell Band

Sunday 27th September 2020

Photos by Phil Rogerson, Set by list Keith Belcher

After a long break of 6 and half months, we finally brought live music back to the stage at Caroline Street Social Club and what a feeling of elation and relief it was. We were very grateful for Peter coming all the way up from Devon for the show with his band for his first show too for many months. They played beautifully for us and delivered two wonderful sets of music for our two socially distanced audiences.

Below are some great photos from the night, interspersed with some comments from the crowd about how much they enjoyed the show and how safe they felt with all the Covid secure provisions in place.

Here’s hoping that this is the just the first step on the path back to something like a normal life, we think we deserve it!

Hi, Hilary 

We would just like to say how fantastic it was to be back at The Live Room at Caroline Street Club. 

Not only was it great to be in the company of others and enjoying live music but it was a positive indication of how things can continue in the future and, hopefully, be built upon. 

It was heartening to see how Mark and the team at the club have been working to ensure that the club was Covid secure and allow everyone to feel confident about returning to the venue. 

Hopefully, this will be a sign that the club can continue and maintain its diverse appeal within the community. I know the number of clubs has shrunk over time as have  smaller live music venues. The achievement of the cooperation between the club and the Live Room means that music lovers have a wonderful venue to attend and, judging by the distance some people had travelled, those audiences will continue to grow. 

The commitment that you and Ron have put in via the online live streaming programme must ensure the continuation of live music locally and offer a positive boost to the Caroline Street Club. 

Many thanks for all that you have achieved and congratulations. 

Best wishes. 

Mike and Lesley Latham

Hi both, 

What a wonderful thing it was to be back at the Caroline Street Club for The Live Room gig on Sunday evening.  Pete Bruntnell was an entertaining and engaging performer who was well supported by two excellent musicians playing guitar and double bass. 

As always, the musicians commented on what a great venue the recently refurbished music room is.  We the audience also appreciate the hospitality of the club and Mark the Bar Manager and the range of real ales he selects for us. 

In the current circumstances I particularly appreciated the care that had been taken to ensure that the music room was compliant with covid safety rules with the provision sanitisers and well spaced tables that could accommodate bubble groups and individuals alike.  I felt very safe and I look forward to the forthcoming gigs. 

Eric Fairchild 

Thankyou to Hilary and Ron for a great return to the live room on Sunday ,we really enjoyed it and most of all we felt really safe .the whole experience was a credit to you, all very well organised and we can’t wait to come back to another concert, well done. 

 regards Lynda Hodges and Sue Mowjoudi x 

Dear Hilary, 

What a pleasure it was to be able to attend a Live performance in one of my favourite venues again.  Quality entertainment as usual in an intimate, ‘just right for me, especially because they serve tea’ venue.  I feel so fortunate to have access to this fabulous little gem so close to home. I felt safe, and looked after.  Keep up all the good work, it’s much appreciated. 

Thanks again 

Shirley Willson

Hi Hilary – first of all, a big thank you to you and Ron for a wonderful evening, and for doing so much to make everyone feel safe in these trying times. Having a table for each party, table service for drinks and a one-way system made for a slightly surreal, albeit safe environment. The downside is the musicians having to perform two sets and playing slightly shorter sets, but this was offset by the joy of having live music again. 

You, of all people, know the importance of venues such as yours for grass roots musicians who get a pittance from streaming their songs and cannot live off album sales alone. Live music is their livelihood, and people like you help to ensure that we continue to hear great music in a wonderful setting. So thank you for playing your part in keeping music live, and to the wonderful bar staff and helpers. 

 And how about booking the wonderful Keith Christmas some time (hint)? 

 Alan & Sue Kirkham 

We were not at all anxious about returning to the Live Room and the Caroline Club. 

Our experience of last Sunday night only confirmed our confidence. 

The staggered entry and the table service worked very well. We bar staff were very efficient and very welcoming.  

It would have been possible to accommodate more people without compromising safety.  

Only because we were coming to the club, we had a meal at Don’t Tell Titus.  

Thank you so much 

David & Julia Barlow

Hi, I actually tweeted about this but happy to put this in an email. Thought the gig was brilliantly ran, felt safe and protected throughout but the measures in place didn’t detract from any enjoyment of the gig, which was excellent. It was clear every effort had been made to make things as safe as possible and it showed that gigs can take place in a socially distanced manner.  

Thanks, Adam Taylor

Dear Hilary, 

We would like to thank you for all the effort you went to to enable the Peter Bruntnell gig to happen on Sunday night. We thoroughly enjoyed it and were so happy to attend our first live music event since just before lockdown and felt safe and well looked after throughout. 

The venue was very good. It’s the first time we have been there but would certainly make the four hour round trip again in order to attend an event there or, in different circumstances, stay over nearby. 

We arrived in good time and had a drink in the club beforehand. The beer was great, the local people  chatty and friendly and the bar staff were very helpful, efficient and welcoming. All appropriate safety measures were in place. 

We were impressed with the email you sent earlier in the day to explain the covid procedure which was easy to understand and all very sensible and reassuring. This also enabled us to pre order our first drink which was delivered to our table as promised when we sat down. Also the system for ordering drinks during the gig was very safe and efficient. 

We attended the first show and as we left noticed vigorous cleaning of all tables, chairs and surfaces. 

We appreciate all the effort, thought and hard work put in by all staff members at the venue and look forward to returning soon. We would be grateful if you could arrange for any of the following artists to play please – Withered Hand, Magic Numbers, Neil Halstead, Johnny Bramwell, Robert Vincent, Justin Currie, Liam Frost, TV Smith, Mike Garry or Ian Prowse. 

Thank you and best wishes, 

Owen and Mary Beer

My first sortie back to live music (in person) was Peter Bruntnell at the Live Rooms in Saltaire. What an enjoyable experience it was. 

Normally reviews focus on music but times are different. 

 So, hats off to the organisers and the Caroline street staff. 

It felt safe.  Covid had not been ignored and policies re distancing were not just written down but were implemented.   

Despite that the special atmosphere of a great live experience being shared was not lost.   

I would encourage you to pay a visit in the coming weeks; not only will you have the chance to see the highest quality musicians live but will be able to do so within the comfort of a well organised and implemented Covid responsible framework.  
Pay them a visit. 

(Good luck) 

Rogan Ashton

I’d bought a ticket for the Peter Bruntnell gig ages ago and have been very pleased with the communications from the club about rescheduling and how they were working on making live music a possibility again as soon as they could. When the day finally came (Hurrah!) I was kept fully informed on what time I should arrive – to avoid queuing at the door, instructions on mask wearing, the covid-19 app, even an email to take my drinks order. 

At the club tables were set out 2 metres apart for individuals or family groups. Drinks were at the table – the bar staff were brilliant all night in taking payments and serving drinks. I was glad to see that everybody was behaving correctly and observing social distancing – putting on their masks when leaving their table to go to the loo etc. 

Peter and the band were brilliant and once the music started of course all thoughts of the virus disappeared. Wonderful. 

I’m so grateful to Hilary and Ron for going to such great efforts to get this gig on. Live music has been a huge part of my life for nearly 50 years now – attending countless gigs, mainly in small venues, pubs and clubs – there’s nothing better than seeing artists up close and personal. Living in West Yorkshire I now go regularly to the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, the Lantern in Halifax, the Brudenell in Leeds as well as gigs in Manchester, and I can honestly say the relationship between promoter, artist and audience at the Live Room Saltaire is second to none. Hilary and Ron have created something very special in this perfect little venue and long may it continue.  

Andy Chambers, Mytholmroyd. 

And thanks again Hilary. I’m coming to the Martin Simpson gig in December and I’ll keep a look out for others to attend. Andy 

Peter Bruntnell -Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Bouzouki
Danny Williams – Double Bass
Dave Little – Electric Guitars

The Live Room , Saltaire
25th September 2020
18:30 Show Set List

Clothes Of Winter>5.00

Broken Wing>9.55

Snow Queen>14.05

Where The Snakes Hang Out>19.40

You’d Make A Great Widow>24.48

Here Come The Swells>29.00


Runaway Car>43.00

Cold Water Swimmer>49.00

End Of The World>53.35


Long Way From Home?>65.55

King Of Madrid>71.20


Hilary Instructions

Sep 12 2020

TLR Live Online: Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

Friday 11th September

Set list by Keith Belcher

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman (Dartmoor, UK)
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
11th September 2020


Set 1
The Tribute Of Hands
Solo (Sandy Denny)
Down Dog
52 Hertz
Tomorrow Will Follow Today
The Wisdom Of Standing Still


The Poison Club
The Knight’s Ghost *MISSING FROM VIDEO – Sell Out (The Levellers)
The White Hare (Seth Lakeman)
A Song To Live By (Kathryn solo)
The Willow Tree (Trad)
Georgia Lee (Tom Waits)
The Cows Of Mystery


Sep 5 2020

TLR Live Online: Oh Susanna album launch Sleepy Little Sailor deluxe reissue

Friday 4th September 2020

What a show we got from Vancouver’s Suzie Ungerleider aka Oh Susanna on Friday night, it was nothing short of astonishing in its intensity and delivery. Playing the whole album in track order as her first set, she was just mesmerising and the stories behind some of the songs gave us great insight into the creative process behind her songwriting. If you’re not familiar with Oh Susanna, you should be. Although we’ve had the original CD since its release almost 20 years ago, we’ll be rushing out for the double white vinyl!

Set list by Keith Belcher, comments by Keith Belcher and Andrew Hawkey

‘Not familiar with her material but Wow, I am suitably impressed, that was really excellent in terms of voice, sparse guitar, sound, video and most importantly the delivery. With due deference to other artists she really delivered the closest I have felt to a live show of any of the numerous streams I have watched so far. She used the camera and microphone as an audience, talked to both, gestured and  laughed at both, teased  and used them  so well  it felt like you were in the room with her and vice versa. Excellent, really excellent…. and what a beautiful , open smile and nature. I will be buying the album soon and checking the rest of her catalogue.’ – Keith Belcher

‘………..I watched the whole of Suzie’s gig, and it was just marvellous. TLR excelled itself! She’s really grown into a fully evolved artist – she has properly arrived. I’d forgotten how good the songs are … just pulled out the CD, it’s at the top of the weekend listening pile! I hope the reissue campaign is prominent enough to boost her standing. Her guitar playing is remarkable too, I think – it’s an essay in stripped-down unfussiness, and it’s always secondary to the amazing voice … sometimes it’s barely audible, which somehow makes the performance all the more arresting. Anyway, I thought she was just brilliant, and I can’t imagine anyone not being gripped by the whole evening. Brought back warm memories of the Talbot, and driving Suzie to Carmarthen to catch the London train!’ – Andrew Hawkey

Set List

Oh Susanna (Vancouver, CAN)
(Suzanne Elizabeth Ungerleider)
Sleepy Little Sailor De Luxe Album Re-Release Launch
Virtual Stage At The Live Room, Saltaire
4th September 2020


Set 1 (Sleepy Little Sailor Album in track order)
Sleepy Little Sailor
River Blue
I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Otis Redding)
Kings Road
All That Remains
Beauty Boy
Forever At Your Feet
Ted’s So Wasted
St. Patrick’s Day
Ride On


Set 2
My Boyfriend
You Win Again (Hank Williams)

CLOSURE & Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman Preview

Sep 3 2020

TLR Live Online: Plumhall ‘The Ghost of Noise’ album launch

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Set list by Keith Belcher

Fantastic to be back in the club again! And a wonderful show from Plumhall to get things moving, no audience but the few of us there made some noise!

Plumhall (UK)
Michelle Plum & Nick B Hall
The Ghost Of Noise Album Launch
The Live Room, Saltaire (live on stage, audience of 6 – Ron/Hilary/Mark Lewis & Thomas Dibb of Roots Live, and Rob & Molly from BCB Radio

2nd September 2020


Set 1
Cruel Adventurers
South To Glory
A Darkness That Won’t Leave The House
Exit From The Light
Hitch Hikin’ (Bruce Springsteen)
The Ghost Of Noise

Q/A Interview with Ron/Hilary/Michelle & Nick

Set 2
City Starlings
A Year Ago Today
Fire Next Time
Strange Driftwood
Killing The Blues (Rowland Salley)
Never Forget My Name
Closing Down


Pre Show Interviews

Interview with Rob & Molly from BCB Radio's Into The Buttercup