Dec 13 2021

Covid: Omicron Variant and Public Safety

As a venue we continue to ask all attending the venue to be kind and considerate towards others, and themselves, and to take appropriate measures to reduce the risks for all. Face Coverings, limit the volume and travel distance of expiratory droplets dispersed when talking, breathing, and coughing. In light of the recent increase in cases and new variant we ask that attendees follow the guidance on face coverings, if not exempt, and wear them where practical.

We also would continue to ask you to take a test before attending a show. This will give you and others confidence to attend spaces such as ours. We will continue to take measures to reduce risk to you, staff and performers, but many of these measures involve you helping support us and the other music lovers that attend the events. Please do your part and help us continue to make The Live Room a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy live music.

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