Jul 19 2022

Fellow Pynins

Friday 15th July 2022

Photos by Martin Lingard

It’s always heart warming when an artist exceeds your expectations and Friday was yet another example.

Oregon-based duo, Fellow Pynins – Dani Aubert, vocals, banjo and Bouzouki, and Ian George, vocals, guitar and mandolin – were quite simply outstanding. Playing a mix of their own compositions and traditional songs learned directly from other musicians from the UK and USA, they mesmerised the audience with their beautiful harmonies and exquisite playing. They were also very funny, telling stories of their travels and misadventures with a distinct eccentricity that had the crowd laughing throughout.

They were a really lovely couple, who won everyone over with their warmth. We will definitely not be leaving too long before bringing them back and we know they’ll have a much bigger crowd next time.

Thanks to Martin Lingard for the photos of the night in the absence of Keith Belcher, who is away for a couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Fellow Pynins

  1. What an absolutely wonderful gig. The Fellow Pynins are talented, funny, sing great harmonies and write beautiful songs. No, I didn’t want the gig to end, neither did anyone I think but they had played in Southwell earlier in the day and had two young children to get back to. Can’t wait to see them again. Fortunately they’re playing Skipton in August. I’ll tell you that now as I’ve got my ticket.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them David, they are just fantastic aren’t they? Such originality and imagination and, as you say, very funny too. We’ll see if we can get along to Skipton!

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