Mar 3 2024

Folk Alliance International 2024

Westin Hotel Kansas City

This was our fourth Folk Alliance and it was as wild as ever, with over 2500 attendees, daytime panels and meetings, and thousands of showcases between the hours of 6pm and 3am. Sleep is at a premium and you’re lucky if you get any, especially after a transatlantic flight and a reaaranged body clock. However, we’re not complaining, it was a joyous experience to be around people from around the world all with the same love of live music.

We saw some really amazing performances there, met up with a bunch of people from across the world as well as here in the UK and have come home with lots of new ideas for artists to bring to TLR in the coming years. We’ll be sharing these with you as soon as we can.

Here is a selection of photos of our trip, we hope you enjoy them

Union Station, across the road from the venue and our regular breakfast cafe!

Day 1, Wednesday

The Henhouse Prowlers; Bassett; and Michele Stodardt

Day 2, Thursday


El Pony Pisador

The Accidentals

John Smith

Willie Watson

Night time over Kansas City from the 20th floor

Justin Adams & Mauro Durante

Joachim Cooder

Day 3, Friday

Billow Wood

Dimpker Brothers

Northern Resonance


Mirja Klippel

Julia Alapnes

Grainne Hunt

Alice Howe & Freebo



Moneka Arabic Jazz

Day 4, Saturday

Hilary by the almost invisible lifts!


Musique a Bouches

Dean Owens & The Sinners

Walter Parks & The Unlawful Assembly

Ensemble Sangineto

Beth Nielsen Chapman

Robbie Cavanagh

Barbara Lica

……and some final shots of the hotel during the conference….

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