Jun 9 2024


Sunday 2nd June 2024

Photos, review and video by Keith Belcher

6th June 2024. The Live Room, Saltaire. The last date of their UK tour but the debut appearance of Genticorum. Their first visit to the UK in over 10 years.

Genticorum are a traditional Québécois trio based in Montreal , Canada. Their members are Pascal Gemme (fiddle, Octave mandolin and vocals), Yann Falquet (guitar, jaw harp, and vocals), and Nicholas Williams (wooden flute, accordion). Pascal Gemme also does a lot of clogging during the show.

A truly superb display of harmonies and musicianship. They even had the audience singing in French without having to conjugate any verbs beforehand….and we know how multi-lingual us Brits are!

For those who missed them they are back in the UK for a few gigs and festivals including Cambridge in the Summer (thats apparently when the big yellow thing appears in the sky with a blue background).

They seemed to really enjoy playing at TLR and the 100 plus audience on a very warm night certainly enjoyed their playing. As soon as the show had finished Pascal made a beeline to Ron to thank him for the sound. From memory ” We knew after the first 8 bars that we could really enjoy playing here tonight!”. They certainly could and certainly did. Lets hope they return soon.

video by keith belcher


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