Apr 2 2024

Martin Simpson 2024

Sunday 24th March 2024

Photos, videos, review by Keith Belcher

Another sold out show. This time the great Martin Simpson entertained the Saltaire (and further afield) audience. The vast majority of the songs tonight were from Martin’s forthcoming double CD/album SKYDANCERS.

Not officially on sale until April 12th. There were a few copies available but not many as they have been a resounding success at gigs. The early birds (or purchasers) got the CD. In deference to Andy Muscroft‘s superb monochrome artwork for the album/CD more shots than usual are in black and white.

Musicianship, as expected was superb throughout the night. You can always rest assured you will learn something you didn’t know about the songs and music and history at a Martin gig, tonight was no exception with many detailed stories, jam packed with good humour.

Videos by Keith Belcher

The Recruited Collier


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