Jan 10 2023

Iona Lane

Plus support from Henry Parker

Friday 6th January 2023

Review, photos and video by Keith Belcher

Friday 6th January 2023: The first gig of four at TLR, Saltaire this month. Local Keighley resident Henry Parker opened the gig with a short but very sweet set comprising a selection of his 4 CDs to date. The latest being a live limited issue release entitled Life After Lammas.

It had been a 3 year wait for the long anticipated and awaited debut of Leeds based songsmith Iona Lane with Malin Lewis. Singer Songwriter Iona Lane on main vocals and guitar and Malin Lewis award-winning piper, fiddler, composer and instrument-maker from Ardnamurchan and Skye playing fiddle, pipes and whistle. Iona studied for a BA (Hons) Music (Folk) with a scholarship at Leeds College of Music.

Since 2015, Iona has released three EPs: ‘Dry Stone Walls’ (2015), ‘Solace’ (2017) and ‘Pockets’ (2017) studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Recently releasing a first debut CD Hallival. Last year Malin makes Music released their first book of original music and was a winner of the “In tune with Nature” composing competition run by Scottish Natural Heritage and Feis Rois.

Videos by Keith Belcher

Henry Parker: Lammas Fair

Iona Lane: Sylvan

Iona Lane: Mary Anning

Dec 13 2022

TLR 300 with The Often Herd!

Sunday 11th December 2022

Review, photos and video by Keith Belcher

Sunday 11th December 2022, The Live Room at Saltaire, Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire. Very cold outside but a warm welcome with complimentary drinks and food in abundance for TLR’s last gig of the year and the 300th gig since opening in May 2012. A great spread generously provided by Ron and Hilary to mark the event. A debut appearance for one of the UK’s premier Bluegrass Band The Often Herd.

A cracking good set from the band to celebrate the event. Great harmonies, songs and musicianship as well as great banter. Some shots below. I’m sure I speak for the regulars and many occasional visitors to TLR in thanking Ron and Hilary for all the shows and introducing us to many artists of all musical genres. Here’s to the next 300. Starting next year with the visit of Iona Lane and Henry Parker on January 6th.

Video by Keith Belcher

The opening two songs from the set

Nov 15 2022

Thea Gilmore

plus support The Silver Reserve

Thursday 10th November 2022

Photos by Ron Pengelly

We were thrilled to see a sold out TLR for Thea’s first visit here and also really pleased that she asked our friend Matthew Sturgess aka The Silver Reserve to support her. The pairing of the two was inspired and their music complemented one another perfectly and made for superb evening.

While her material, specifically from the most recent album, Afterlight, was challenging, dealing with her experience of domestic abuse, Thea was anything but gloomy on stage. She was very funny, chatty and self deprecating, especially when talking about her choice of equipment and its shortcomings.

Using a mixture of live looping and a little backing track to enhance her songs, she gave us a stunning show. She really has one of the most beautiful and intimate voices you’ll ever hear. It’s no surprise that she has built a huge and dedicated following over the years.

We were also treated to a brilliant support set from The Silver Reserve, who won a bunch of new fans. We can’t wait to see him back here in March next year when he’ll be co-headlining with Bella Gaffney.

Nov 15 2022


Sunday 13th November 2022

Photos and review by Keith Belcher

Sunday 13th November 2022, The Live Room, Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire. The penultimate gig of 2022. A debut appearance from Irish/Scots trio Cua : John Davidson (fiddle, percussion, vocals) Shane Booth (guitar, vocals) and Ros O’Meara (bouzouki, guitar, percussion, vocals).

Their 5th UK tour, another band I was unaware of, thanks again Ron & Hilary. All live in Co Laois, John started life in Edinburgh but now lives in Co Laois also. A truly eclectic blend of musical styles and influences that delighted the very attentive and appreciative Live Room audience.

The range encompassed predictably the music of Ireland and Scotland but also ranged from the middle east to South America and all points in between (a Venezualan two step from Shane and John while Ros changed a bouzouki string!). By anyone’s standards this was a seriously musically diverse show whilst retaining a very personal stamp throughout.

Musicianship was superb as were the vocals. Several songs performed acappella that were just a treat for the ears. It wasn’t just the music though, the banter and bonhomie were also wonderful. All paces of music, soft and delicate at times very fast and driving at others. Indeed at some points in the show if some part of your anatomy wasn’t attempting to keep time with the music then you may need to check your level of medication or consult an audiologist. Hopefully they will be back in the near future.

Video by Keith Belcher

If I Should Find Myself; The Other Man

Nov 8 2022

N’Famady Kouyaté

Photos by audience members Grace Alderson, Gillian Harrison and Neal Heard

The first visit to TLR by this charismatic musician, originally from Guinea but now based in Cardiff. Another sold out show saw a brilliant performance from this fabulous 5-piece band who had most of the crowd up and dancing by the end of the night. It was a joyous occasion and many thanks to Grace and Neal passing on their photos of the night, in the absence of a regular photographer!

Video by Steve Brimble

Part of the final number

Nov 8 2022

John McCusker 2022

Friday 4th November 2022

Photos by Ron Pengelly

The third visit to TLR by John, this time on his 30th Anniversary in the Music Business tour, which is now probably his 32nd anniversary after postponements due to the pandemic! He was accompanied on this occasion by his stellar band, Sam Kelly on vocals, guitars and bouzouki; Helen McCabe on vocals, fiddle and harmonium; Toby Shaer on pipes and fiddle; and Ian Carr on guitar. It was a stunning performance in front of a sold out crowd, by five incredible musicians.

Nov 8 2022

I Draw Slow

Sunday 30th October 2022

Review and photos by Keith Belcher

Sunday 30th October 2022: The debut appearance of Dublin based 5 piece band I Draw Slow at The Live Room, Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire. Full marks to Ron and Hilary for this booking. One of only 3 shows in this “tour”.

At the end of this show I was mystified why I hadn’t heard of this band before. Like many great modern Irish bands they may be better known in The States than UK. They’ve played very prestigious festivals such as Merlefest, Rockygrass and Wintergrass and the calibre of musicianship at those festivals in extremely high.

Five albums to their name to date. The band are : On main vocals brother and sister Dave Holden and Louise Holden, Dave also playing acoustic guitar, Adrian Hart on fiddle, Konrad Liddy on upright double bass and Colin Derham on clawhammer banjo. A vast and varied soundscape covering traditional, old time, bluegrass , pop, jazz elements , Americana. It all gelled beautifully and was without doubt their own sound. Intelligent songs, great musicianship, vocals and banter and lovely people. What’s not to like. Not surprisingly no merch was left at the end of the night. I sincerely hope they are back at TLR soon.

Video by Keith Belcher

The Boy's Not Fair; Trouble; and About A Bird In An Airport Terminal

Nov 8 2022

Gilmore & Roberts 2022

Friday 28th October 2022

Photos by Keith Belcher

It was great to see an almost full house for this brilliant duo and they gave us a wonderful show.

Video by Keith Belcher

Scaring Crows; Dr James; and Shuffle and Deal

Oct 23 2022

Lau Unplugged

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Photos by Keith Belcher

They finally made it! After three (or was it four?!) postponements owing to the Covid pandemic, the mighty Lau made it to Saltaire. And boy, was it worth it! Divided into two sets, the first consisted of the boys in conventional, three across the front of stage mode, to deliver their own ‘support set’ as Martin put it, and they sounded superb.

However, the second set really set the senses alive, with the band stringing together a ‘retrospective suite’ of songs and tunes that segued into one another and lasted for over an hour. Not only that, but they moved between various microphones, used an old cassette player and even used some home made digital samplers to create an audio ‘semaphore’ display! It really was an astonishing performance of innovation, slight madness and utter beauty. They are truly unique.

Video by Keith Belcher

Noltland Castle and Midnight Feast by Lal Waterson

Sep 5 2022

Jon Boden 2022

Friday 2nd September 2022

Photos by Keith Belcher

Another superb show by one of the UK’s great folk artists. Doing just a few solo shows between big tours with John Spiers and the upcoming return of Bellowhead, we were very lucky to get him. With a superb, soaring voice and fabulous skills on guitar, fiddle, concertina and stomp board, who needs a band when you have Jon Boden?! Many thanks to Keith Belcher for another set of brilliant photographs of the night.

Live Video by Keith Belcher

Rigs of the Times; We Do What We Can; Old Straight Track; and Walking Song