May 28 2024

The Paperboys

Friday 24th May 2024

Photos by Nigel Plant, review by Mike Latham


I think that sums up last night’s performance neatly. Here was a band who had just endured a long trek north and yet they were able to conjure up such a magnificent show.

From the opening song they had the audience captured and the connection between those two groups within the room encouraged them to give a stellar performance. In the information sent out about the band previously, it was highlighted that the opening number was the only one agreed upon. The room was then read to determine the direction of travel and what a journey we were taken on. Stirring tunes, songs of light and shade and a true session of roots music through folk, Latin, a touch of reggae and the syncopated sounds of New Orleans. What more could an audience ask for?

We didn’t see them on their original appearance but we know they, like many performers we have been introduced to at The Live Room, are ones that we will look forward to seeing once again.

Many thanks to Hilary and Ron for another splendid evening.

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